Coolest hotels as picked by Tablet Hotels

OK, i get it. I am a hipster. Because reading through this, i have never been more tempted to book a plane ticket on a whim and head straight to the US of A. I want to go to ALL OF THE PLACES. Mainly that pool in Texas.


Five of the best – Netaporter picks

Luxury is something that Netaporter is very familiar with.They have compiled a short list of top hotels and destinations to lure you into some holiday daydreaming.

Pairing fabulous locations with perfect holiday outfits is kind of my dream job.

Jet lag free holidays

This is potentially a dangerous type of article to pop up in my inbox on a Monday morning.
A further deep dive (pardon the pun, and horrible management speak) into the Ayana Resort and Spa feels like a very important priority right now.