Croatian hotels – latest daydreams

Here i go again.

The Sydney weather starts to cool, and i immediately look to the northern hemisphere for some summer inspiration.

And add to my ever expanding list of Croatian hotels that i would love to stay at.

In the last 10 years the travel scene in Croatia has grown from strength to strength. And being a native i often don’t get to sample the delights of new hotels as often as i would like to, but i always try to at least stay one night in a new location.

Being absent for a few years means my list is growing. And fast.

A few of my latest daydreams

Villa Dubrovnik

The price tag is a bit hefty, but the location makes me want to hand over my credit card and deal with it later.

Little Green Bay

French Vogue recently reviewed this hotel and it is simply perfection. Hvar as a party island can sometimes feel too cheesy and touristy – this place ensures privacy and luxury all in one.

Hotel Navis

Our travels have never taken us to this side of Croatia. Yet. But i am determined to visit this beautiful spot referred to as the French Riviera of Croatia as it is visually very different given its Ottoman Empire influence.


Five of the best – Netaporter picks

Luxury is something that Netaporter is very familiar with.They have compiled a short list of top hotels and destinations to lure you into some holiday daydreaming.

Pairing fabulous locations with perfect holiday outfits is kind of my dream job.

Holiday daydreaming – road trip vs Bali

As a holiday daydreamer, I find it unsetting that I cannot get over excited about holiday travel in my own country.

Don’t get me wrong, while I LOVE Australia, and am happy to be living back at home, the choice of boutique accommodation is well….uninspiring. I would like to book a little road trip, driving from Sydney to somewhere north but there are only a handful of properties which are enticing me to part with my hard earned cash. Yes, now I understand why so many Australians are fans of Bali – for the price of a hotel room in a 3 star hotel in a random coastal town I could have my own private villa and lap pool. And breakfast. Most likely brought to me in my pool villa. Le sigh….

The current properties that are on my short-list look great – but just not sure it is enough to sidetrack me from a cheap Bali getaway.

Byron at Byron Resort & Spa – for a bit of relaxing pool action

Atlantis – for the impeccable furnishings and Danish feel