That was the title of the email I got from husband. I suggested a few properties for an upcoming trip, and was promptly rebuffed.Due to a last minute booking over the Easter weekend at a property that was quickly dubbed the drug dealers house with a sex dungeon thanks to a windowless basement room with a single sink and a fussball table, he is now scarred for life.

This is why i like to be organised and planned so that we get the pick of the bunch, rather than the dregs that are overpriced, weirdly designed and frankly a little bit odd. While hilarious, it is horrifying what owners of holiday house rentals think is still acceptable in 2016.

My no go list for holiday house rentals

– floral bedspreads (goes for hotels too)

– fantastic furniture couches

– cane furniture circa 1984

– red leather. It’s offensive

– bunk beds advertised as normal beds for adults. No. For children only. Do not tell me the property sleeps 10 when in reality it has two normal beds and the rest are bunk beds. 

– no linen. Listen, I WILL THROW MONEY at the problem so just tell me upfront how much it will be for you to make it all pretty. Or better yet just include it in the price as a given and be done with it. Who has time to bring linen?? I’m going on holiday so I DON’T need to do laundry. 

– no condiments – come on, just throw in a few of the basics you know i will forget and can go to the supermarket tomorrow but right now i need one thimble of oil.  


July 2010 – Woolshed Cabins, Near Blackheath, Blue Mountains

A car full of girls. A girly weekend in the mountains. A pit stop at the bottle shop. Free tacky alcohol promo hats. Yes, our mini break was off to a good start.

To get away from the stress of the city, we decided to venture out to the tranquil blue mountains. Or at least ruin the tranquillity with boozy arguments and drunk Uno laughter.

The Woolshed Cabins are a short drive from Blackheath, down in the Kanimbla Valley. I would suggest arriving during daylight as driving at night on a small windy road, that turns into a dirt track, that turns into someone’s driveway was a little sketchy at times. However, we made it there in one piece, and could feel the beauty of this private oasis even in the moonlight.

The cabins were designed by the award winning Eco Design Architects, and promises to be environmentally friendly with recycled materials and existing frameworks of an old shearing shed. The cabins are roomy enough for the five of us, with a large kitchen and lounge area surrounding a toasty fireplace. Which was basically on the entire weekend!

Things I love about the Woolshed Cabins

The view – nothing quite prepares you for the view when you wake up in the morning. You are literally in the middle of a valley, surrounded by farms and towering mountains. The dirt track drive was worth it.

Toasty – did I mention I loved the fireplace? The cabins were warm and toasty all weekend which was a perfect compliment to the many bottles of wine and wheels of cheese that were consumed.

Things I don’t love

– NO HAIRDRYER. Honestly, in this day and age do I need to bring my own?

Woolshed Cabins

Near Blackheath, Blue Mountains