Pools glorious pools

As Sydney winter sets in ( bahahahahahahahaha) And temperatures reach a chilly 20 degrees ( bahahahahahahahaha) I am still fond of dreaming of a poolside holiday, cocktails at the ready and some solo time with my kindle.

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Summer holiday dreaming

Please stop.

Just stop it.

I am too jealous of your holiday, your instagram photos, your speed boats, your island hopping, your concert attending.

Yes another summer is upon us where Croatia is the new darling of music festival organizers, and yet another year where I am on the other side of the world silently cursing their existence.

The for music festival was on recently in hvar and the backdrop of a Croatian island is only the icing on the cake of a pretty stellar line up.

Despite my desperate pleas to the holiday gods a private plane has not materialized on my doorstep so I guess I will continue to admire the festival from afar. Le sigh.