Hotel Concorde Berlin – October 2012

Tablet Hotels is of course one my favourite websites to daydream on, but while looking at booking a quick last-minute trip to Berlin I was pleasantly surprised to find a great deal for the Hotel Concorde at a fraction of the price of all other usual websites. 5 star hotel for the price of a shoebox in London? Sure!

As a purveyor of the design hotel field, I often will rate aesthetics over some luxuries in a hotel room. Then I stay in a 5 star hotel like the Hotel Concorde and suddenly I am transformed. I want the jet set lifestyle. I want the plush carpeted hallways. The large upgraded rooms with views over Kurfürstendamm Boulevard. I want to be the woman who has her LV bags stacked on a porter trolley, Burberry shopping bags stacked on top, waiting for her private car to the airport.

The hotel itself is quite remarkable looking  – a beautifully huge structure on a street corner that shouts out to the people below “look at me, I am MASSIVE”. But inside it does not feel like a big hotel. Attentive staff, quick check in, soft lighting – all the things you would expect in a small, design hotel.

The feel of the Hotel Concorde is slightly boutique, slightly business but all comfort. Spacious rooms with large windows that overlook the city – and incidentally some pretty funny 80’s dress shops across the road that brought me much happiness. Even though it is a French hotel, any influence is fairly minimal until you make it into the bathroom and realise it is fully stocked with Annick Goutal fragranced products. Ohhh pretty.



The Hotel Concorde in the middle of one of Berlin’s key shopping districts, so there is no shortage of temptations on my doorstep. The hotel is located next to Berlin’s flagship Cos store, which means that I am telepathically aware of all their worldwide locations and thus can make hotel choices based on the proximity to Swedish minimalist clothing stores.


And after a weekend of blissful sunshine, it was if Berlin turned off the magic as the working week commenced, and the tourists went home. This tourist stayed an extra day in town, and the city had a completely different feel with deep grey skies and patches of rain. But again the 5 star treatment kicks in with the doorman handing out umbrellas to guests. Feeling a little spesh once again.

What I love about the Hotel Concorde
– Tablet hotel upgrade thank you very much. Also for the macaroons which I did not need to eat (but promptly did nevertheless).


– There is an ice room on my floor. AN ICE ROOM. With ACTUAL ICE. I haven’t seen this since I was a kid staying at the Sea World Nara Resort on the Gold Coast.
Giant bed, many pillows, sound sleep.

– A separate bath and shower feels like the most decadent thing on earth for someone who is so used to tiny apartment living.

– A million pay tv channels in a myriad of languages. Thank you.

– Proper wifi. Thank you. I know it cuts out a bit, but be patient and you will receive. Much better than so many other hotels that I’ve read about in Europe with pay per minute access like it is 1995 all over again.

Things I don’t love about the Hotel Concorde

– This one is not really a thing I don’t love, but apparently there was a Wellness Centre with a plunge pool. I totally missed it. This one is on me though, as I didn’t have enough time to explore the hotel. Damn.
Hotel Concorde

Augsburger Strasse 41, Berlin, Germany