Packing is part of the fun

It is not surprising that my love of travel means that I am also a fan of all travel related activity. Boring work meetings are filled with thoughts of faraway destinations….and the essentials I would need to pack to take with me.

Which is why I have recently become a travel voyeur, looking at what others take on their weekend getaways and adventures. My current fave is, which was brought to my attention by another holiday daydreamer, and I won’t lie, it is very addictive. I was inspired to post my own weekend trip Here. The site is an initiative from Air New Zealand, a smart way to connect their brand with cute, creative concepts. I’m buying it.

Style Passport is running a promotion with British Airways on how many outfits you can fit in one bag to promote the introduction of a new 24kg luggage allowance on all European flights. This is particularly appealing after one too many summer Easyjet flights have caused me to be shamed at the gate for trying to squish too many ‘must have’ outfits into my carry on. Perhaps I have something to learn. Or perhaps I should just check in my bag.