DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Manchester – October 2012

The cookie on arrival. I have made the point in previous blog posts here how much I love the DoubleTree cookie. It is a gimmick, and I am happy to support it on each and every stay.  Traveling with some friends who had not been to the DoubleTree were initially confused at how and where the cookies could be stored to always be hot (they have an oven under the counter) and were soon on board. Check in was a breeze (or was I just distracted by that hot cookie?) and we were on our way up to our rooms quick smart. A request to have two rooms located close together was ignored, but hey, no biggie.

Double Tree Manchester has all the perks of a mid-high range business hotel. Adequate cocktail/lounge/bar, a large dining area and open and airy entrance. The rooms follow suit, equipped with a large queen bed, medium sized bathroom and little special touches like an Apple iMac TV/PC. The hotel advertises the ergonomic ‘Mirra’ chair as being a feature for the office/desk area, but as our break was for musical pleasure, not business, there was no work to be done.


A pleasant stay, but would i rush back? Probably not. See reasons below of what really got under my skin.

Things I love about this hotel

–       Location, location – Assuming you are taking the train into Manchester (you would be a fool not to – so easy!), the hotel is very easy to get to. We got our phones out (obligatory cursing at the new stupid apple maps app) but realised our frustration would be short lived as the hotel was across the road from the station. Also around the corner is the Gay Village on the canals, and on the other side the Northern Quarter. I can highly recommend all the things at Almost Famous burgers on High st.

Things I don’t love about this hotel

–       Clean my room – It is not that hard. We arrived back to the hotel after an afternoon of strolling around the city and were dying for a disco nap, only to come home and find our room had not been cleaned. At 5pm. This seemed weird, and the only thing that was done was a hotel staff member came knocking at 6pm to check if the room had been cleaned. Not with an offer to clean it, but more a checklist. I was so annoyed and frustrated that I just asked for more towels and some tea to be replaced. Which they brought up a short time later without any milk. I AM IN ENGLAND HERE PEOPLE. I know how much tea means to this country, I respect that, I have EMBRACED it. To deliver tea bags without milk is just asking for trouble.

–       One towel set out in the bathroom – odd as we were definitely checking in as a couple. When more towels were ordered they only brought one set. I get that you want to keep your cleaning costs down, but I think they can assume that if one person wants fresh towels, so would the OTHER PERSON PAYING FOR THIS HOTEL ROOM.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Manchester – Piccadilly

One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn St., Manchester


The winner is….Qualia!

The Conde Nast Readers Choice Awards is out, and Qualia the luxurious resort on the Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef has taken out the top award with a perfect score of 100.

It is great to see an Australian resort being able to come out on top of an international travel list. Particularly as it is the punters who decide the winner.

I would love the opportunity to test out the place for myself, but like many Australian hotels the price point is just beyond anything my little credit card can afford. It is disappointing as I would love to travel more in Australia, but the pull of equally luxurious resorts in South East Asia  (at a quarter of the price) is always strong. Now where did i put that lotto ticket?