Croatian feature in Conde Nast Traveller

You may have noticed that i am guilty of heavily promoting my motherland Croatia, however it is for good reason. The food, people, beaches – well, they just can’t be beat.

Here is a recent feature in Conde Nast Traveller:


Campanile Paris 11, Bastille, Paris – June 2012

How does one have a guilt free overnight mini break in Paris? Pair crazy cheap Eurostar fares with a cheap hotel in a great location.

Being a big fan of the 11th arrondissement, I thought it best to stick with what I know and book a simple hotel that while cheap, had a great bunch of reviews on tripadvisor. Given it was summer I was hoping to spend most of my time outdoors, soaking up as much Paris as I could in 48 hours.

However, even basic hotels would have a better feeling than this place, as from the moment I walked in the room I was not impressed and was surprised it had so many good reviews on tripadvisor.

The room absolutely did not reflect the images on the internet, and while I shouldn’t have been surprised that this happens, I don’t think I had actually encountered it before. I am not usually one to complain to the hotel to move rooms – there wasn’t anything technically wrong with the room, it just was not up to the standards I was expecting given the good reviews on tripadvisor. As the hotel has only one photo of the room on their website, I should have been smarter and booked elsewhere. After looking at other guests photos when I got home (which I don’t normally do) I realised all the good reviews are for rooms that are significantly more renovated than the one we had.

The room was tired – dirty/damp patches in the corners of the room, grubby bathroom and dated furniture. Then there were the strange little oddities like no hand towels, no conditioner, towels stored on top of the toilet. The only saving grace was that the bed was clean and comfortable. But that was it. The rest of the place had a very sad feeling.


Paper thin walls didn’t really help either, and I feel our neighbours had a lot of issues that needed to be sorted out (in an overly loud way). Plus a large group of Spanish students who were excited about the Euro match that evening and were sweet at first, and then increasingly annoying. It was like being on camp with all of your friends. Except replace friends with random, loud strangers.

On a positive note, the service was good – pleasant and quick arrival and check in. The check out was more complicated, with one frazzled woman manning the counter at 10am on a Sunday morning (peak check out).  Better staff planning could have appeased the impatient guests who needed to get away to the airport, or in our case, brunch.

Overall, you get what you pay for and I know the room was quite cheap but I am so disappointed that i could have had at least a better quality room in the hotel (and should have asked) or spent the extra £20 to stay at a boutique hotel nearby.

Hotel Lady tip: Unless you can be guaranteed to get a renovated room, this place is definitely not worth the money. There are thousands of hotels in Paris, and I am kicking myself I gave my money to this one.


Campanile Paris 11 – Bastille



New Croatian additions on Mr and Mrs Smith

I heart Mr and Mrs Smith.

A great boutique hotel website, they have a unique collection of hotels across the world and i was so happy to see a few more Croatian hotels make the cut.

Thinking about a possible Croatian trip in August, this hotel makes me think about a flight into Dubrovnik just to check it out

Given i have family in Korcula, it is unlikely i would stay in Korcula town, but now i have a boutique hotel to recommend to friends