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Palazzo Versace September 2010

To bring in my 30th birthday and celebrate all things euro, the tall man bought me the wonderful birthday gift of 3 days at the Versace Palazzo on the Gold Coast. Packing was lots of fun. White dress – check. White pants? check. Obnoxious over the top gold jewellery? check check check.

The first thing you notice about the Palazzo is the total commitment to branding. The Versace name and design graces the front entrance, tiles, carpet, ceiling, furniture, bathroom, furniture, pool deck chairs and even the wine glasses and tea cups in the room! You have to hand it to them – they have chosen to be decadent and have not looked back.

The bedroom is appropriately gold themed, and if you ever think about stealing any of the items in the room there is no point. Taking any piece out of this room would look completely crazy in a normal house/room. But somehow it seems completely normal that you have a gold bedspread with matching curtains.


Things I love about the Versace Palazzo

The framed photos that line the hallways – I loved going back to my room and naming each of the supermodels that have modelled for Versace. Nothing beats the real and original supermodels…and random men on horses.

– Valet parking – we thoroughly enjoyed getting our hire car (Hyundai getz) valet parked next to the lexus and Mercedes of the world.

– Restaurants – The hotel restaurants are very impressive and we were lucky enough to dine at Vie. We were blown away by the pork belly and snapper, and were disappointed we did not have more time to try the other restaurants in the complex.

– A learning experience – It is just as LuAnn from the Housewives of NYC said, money sadly does not buy class (incidentally, LuAnn made a very class-less film clip for this song, but it is amusing nonetheless. . Guests decked out head to toe in bad Louis Vuitton products was just all too much for me.